Notes making and Syllabus Completion

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Notes making and Syllabus Completion

Postby Gopalakrishnan N » March 20th, 2016, 11:48 am

Good Morning Sir
I like to share the way I am preparing for my Civil Services Exam. Please pass some remarks so that I can rectify my mistakes if any at my early stage of preparation and go ahead with some good strategies

1. I use the following books
a Environment Notes - Sankar IAS Academy
b. Geography - Selective Chapter of NCERT(6 to 12) and Certificate of Physical Geography
c. History - I read Tamil Nadu 11 and 12 books
d. Economics - Shankar Ganesh IRS Notes and NCERT books
e. Mordern India - Brief History of Mordern India by Spectrum Publication
f. General Science - NCERT Selective chapter (Murnal suggestions)
g. Indian Polity - Lakshmiganth
h. Orient Blacks man Atlas
i. Facets of Indian Culture - Spectrum Publication
2. I take one subject at a time and try to read it out at the quickest possible time. Taking notes during the second reading of the book
3. I don't give any special preference for CSAT II
4. Planning to start the test series only at May 2nd week
5. Watching Dr Roman Saini Videos during free times and UN academy classes
6. Note making - 1/4 of the topic
7. Planning to complete 3 times reading of each book before the prelim 2016
8. I spend 1 hour and run for at least 5 to 7 KM at evening times to refresh myself
9. I spend 4 to 6 hours wholly for CSE

Sir, you are seeing lot of aspirants and people with different strategies so please pass some remarks on my preparations. I please other members in our forum to give your kind suggestion and I will always feel happy and pleased to receive your remarks.

Thanking You

Best Regards

Gopalakrishnan K N
Gopalakrishnan N
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Re: Notes making and Syllabus Completion

Postby sylendrababu » March 28th, 2016, 2:18 pm

Dear Gopal,

Your preparation strategy makes sense, probably you
might thinks of the following suggestions.
1. You may also read newspaper at least an hour a day. Take cuttings
of important issues by important authorities and writers.
2. CSAT II is very critical, pay more attention on this . Only if you
pass the prelims in the first attempt you get any confidence to move on.
3. One hour run is absolutely fine, but you may restrict it three times a Weeek.
4. You may allot one hour for writing an essay on any one subject. please
remember that the main exam is purely essay writing, small and big.

Dr. C. Sylendra Babu I.P.S.
ADGP, Coastal Security Group, Tamil Nadu.
ADGP, Coastal Security Group, Tamil Nadu.
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Re: Notes making and Syllabus Completion

Postby Gopalakrishnan N » March 28th, 2016, 4:07 pm

Good Afternoon Sir
Thank you for your reply sir
I will schedule some time for CSAT II and enough time for newspaper too. Evening I start my studies at 7.30 p.m. and it end up at 11.30. Morning I get up at 6.30 am and can spare time only with newspapers.

I now spend all the Sundays for studies and revision. From may 2nd week i ll start my test series sir.

I cant make any hard and assured timing for my studies during my work hours because my work load varies from day to day, most of the days will be packed with classes and few clerical works.

I am trying my best to clear CSE 2016 itself. With heights of hope utilizing all my free times for the exam purpose.

I schedule my physical fitness activities based on your book " health and happiness". I do go for running 3 days a week and alternative 3 days in gym with weight workouts . I do believe that these activities less my stress and making my body strong , will increase my confidence level and obviously we all like to look good at any attire. My weight was at 80's last year and now I am 74 Kg weight and 171.5 cm height sir. I trying to put my weight down to 70 kg. I had changed my diet into full vegetarian.

Feel more confident whenever I communicate with you sir! Thank you Mr.Inspiration

Thanking you

Best Regards

K N Gopalakrishnan
Gopalakrishnan N
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