You are my absolute inspiration !!

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You are my absolute inspiration !!

Postby frozenprakash » September 22nd, 2013, 6:09 pm

Hello Sir,

I might not have seen you in person but you are my absolute inspiration, i never came across any Police officer who has an excellent mind, etiquette character and strong physique.
You always are an inspiration Police officer for all the youngsters and an example.

I have read all your books, and always use to come across your name in Hindu newspaper. Also i would be the first person to get the Civilspedia in our academy and first to read your "Motivational article". As i was struggling to take a decision to quit my job at CTS and to prepare for the Civil Services Exam in full time, Your trail really did help me to choose one of the most important decision in my life, as i read that you quit your Bank manager post to prepare for Civil Services Exam.

From my childhood, i was always ambitious to become an IPS Officer, but never got the guts to quit my good paying job in software company until i read about you. Also the inspirational words in your books made me a much better man than i used to be.

Just before a month ago i joined at "Shankar IAS Academy" in Annanagar and i'm making use of my time very effectively sir.
I have also allotted 1 hour of my early morning time for running/exercise, as i came across your advise to take up [running/physical exercise] plan for Police aspirants.

Any advise in preparation perspective or other would be really appreciated sir.
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