Difference Between............?

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Difference Between............?

Postby COLLECTORKARTHICK » September 28th, 2013, 10:00 am

Dear sir
I had doubt in the service.Many academies posted the passed out candidates list.In that A person got 100 Rank and he is posted to ifs and the another person from the same institution got 109 rank and got IAS service.How comes it?
And what is the difference Between IAS and CS in services??
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Re: Difference Between............?

Postby s.kamalesh » September 28th, 2013, 6:05 pm

hello sir,
Iam S.kamalesh doing my I-year B.sc(horticulture).
I am new to this web.I had joined only recently.being inspired by our respected Dr.C.Sylendra babu sir,I aimed to become an ips officer and i have started preparing for it recently.
I saw your query about difference between ias and cs.I read a chapter in the book-INDIAN POLITY br lakshmikanth.in that I found that cs meant for central govt services and there is state govt services and all india services.Any condemn action against an ias officer can be taken by the central govt only and immediate action can be taken by the state govt in case of emergency.i only liked to share my view regard your query that what i have known.Sorry Please,don't mistake me,if it is wrong.
and please verify me whether it is correct or so.please guide me brother if i have any.
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Re: Difference Between............?

Postby Dharmendra » September 29th, 2013, 2:08 pm

Hello friend,
You have asked the difference between IAS and CS(civil service) right...?
civil service is the comprehensive form of all the services that includes IAS, IPS, IFoS (indian foreign service), IRS etc... so IAS is a part of the civil service like other services...
next come to your 1st doubt,
civil service exam(CSE), its a exam for IAS,IPS,IFoS,IRS etc....(for all the 24 services viz 2 all india services(IAS and IPS) and few group A and group B services in the central government)(but in our country totally 3 all india services, the 3rd one is IFS=indian forest service, for that upsc would conduct exams separately that is not included in the above said 24 services)
for better understanding take this example:
last year vacancy for the CSE=950(approx)
among them vacancy for IAS=150 IPS=140 IFoS=50, IRS=100...and also all the 24 services included in the 950 vacancies(approx)
just for example...just imagine in the final result you got AIR 25 our friend kamalesh got AIR 5 and me got AIR 888 (AIR=all india rank)
your 1st preference=IAS, kamalesh=IFoS(indian foreign service), me=IPS
here the service allocation wolud be on the basis of first come first serve basis, here i mentioned 1st is about AIR
you got AIR 25 and your 1st preference is IAS, total vacancy for IAS=150 so that you can get IAS.
kamalesh got AIR 5 and his 1st prefernce is IFoS, total vacancy for IFoS=50 so he can also get IFoS
i got AIR 888 and my 1st preference is IPS, total vacancy for IPS=140 and, you friends you got good rank and on the first come first serve basis you can go 1st and take the service as per your prefrence but my rank is 888 so i can be allowed to take the service after these all 887 candidates only, finally all the IAS IPS IFoS etc...services will be exhausted and i can choose the what is available...so i would have got some group B services in the central government...so next time i need to prepare well to get the good AIR so that i can choose as per my preference......Reservation also plays a role here i think you may know about that...and about cadre allocation sir has nicely explained in his book "you too can become an IPS officer"...(moral of the story you should get a good AIR so that whatever service you want you can get...in your question the 100th rank candidates 1st preference might be IFoS so he/she opted that...and there is no compulsory that the top rankers should take IAS.... its all our wish only)
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