Reg - Psychology Optional and TNPSC Group 1

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Reg - Psychology Optional and TNPSC Group 1

Postby Gopalakrishnan N » November 10th, 2016, 3:33 pm

Dear Sir,
Good Afternoon, I didn't get selected in Prelim'2016. According to Answer keys of Sankar IAS Academy my mark is 98 and nearly 10 marks short from this years Prelim Cut off i.e. 108(BC Category). With heights of hopes i am preparing for CSE 2017. Now I feel like a soft walk as I have to revise my static portions like Geography, Modern India, Economic Theory, Environment and others, I am more concerned about Current Affairs which really affected my previous prelim result.
Now i decide to start by optional preparations simultaneously with my General Studies preparations. Before that I like to clear certain doubts. Please help in it sir.
1. There is talk that CSE 2017 may not have Optional Subject. Is it true sir?
2. If there is Optional I decided to select Psychology as my subject. Can you please refer me some materials? I browsed in net but find different ideas from different achievers. Please help me out.
3. TNPSC Group 1 - DSP , What are the exact medical requirements needed to satisfy the medical board? It is mentioned in the notification that a candidate by his option if he select DSP and fail to satisfy the medical board, if he fail to satisfy the medical board then he will not be given a chance to select other services in the same year. If possible please clearly explain the exact per forma the medical board required (like BP, Eye Sight, Height and Weight).
4. It is mentioned in IPS medical Appendix that a candidate using Dentures in case of tooth infection is considered as qualified. Will the same allowed by Tamil Nadu Medical Board?

Waiting for your reply

Thanking you

Gopalakrishnan K N
Gopalakrishnan N
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Re: Reg - Psychology Optional and TNPSC Group 1

Postby sylendrababu » February 17th, 2017, 4:29 pm

You have missed the last year's prelims by a whisker. About 40 per cent questions were from the
subjects that were recently in the news. Probably you would not have paid attention
to the news .
Your idea of preparing alongside the prelims is strategically wise, you may do that
but spend more time for the CSAT, if you fail to score 33 percent , they might disqualify
you no matter the marks in the GS.
This year it must be quite easier to you, so go in for Main optional. I have given one optional
in psychology. I relied on text books of which teherare many. but i don''t know the recent
trends in psychology questions. Please check with anyone who recently cleared mains in psychology.
I may also call upon any candidate who has any idea about psychology option to give input
on it.
About the dentures and medical criteria for the DSP, it is same as IPS but i am not aware
more of that . You may check in the website.

Dr. C. Sylendra Babu I.P.S.
Additional Director General of Police, Tamil Nadu.
Additional Director General of Police, Tamil Nadu.
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